Memoirs of a leading Lebanese Australian, ABC Radio National

29 Aug

ABC Radio National

Religion and Ethics Report

The memoirs of a leading Lebanese Australian


Wednesday 4 December 2013 5:50PM

Don’t call us Arabs! It’s a line that Joseph Wakim has heard often from his fellow Lebanese Australians. Now Wakim, one of the founders of the Australian Arabic Council, and a former Victorian government Multicultural Affairs Commissioner, has written a memoir about ethnic and religious identity in Australia. Sorry, We Have No Space tells the story of his efforts to unite Christian and Muslim Arabs into a strong and loyal part of the Australian community. Joseph Wakim chats with Andrew West.

Supporting Information

Sorry, We Have No Space, Connor Court, 2013


Joseph Wakim

Author, Sorry, We Have No Space(2013); writer; founder and leader, Australian Arabic Council; former Victorian government Multicultural Affairs Commissioner



Jess Hill

Presented by Andrew West

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