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The Koranic verses are not negotiable

10 Dec The Daily Telegraph December 10, 2015 RECENT calls for a reformation of Islam, akin to what happened with Christianity in 16th century Europe, are all very well. But the suggestion has a fundamental flaw which goes to the nature of the Koran. When Tony Abbott calls for a religious revolution to confront the […]

Faith During War

6 Aug

FAITH DURING WAR Sunday Age, 6/8/06   It was like a scene out of Life is Beautiful – the 1997 movie that earned Roberto Benigni an Oscar for portraying a Jewish father buffering his child during the holocaust.   From the 1500 meter altitude above the clouds, just below the village of Ehden in North […]

The Church Should Untangle Civil from Sacred ‘Marriage’

15 Jul ABC Religion and Ethics 14 Jul 2015 The church must distinguish what belongs to Caesar from what belongs to God. If the church is no longer wedded to the word ‘marriage’, it will have nothing to lose if and when the civil law changes. “Don’t mess with marriage” was in my face when I […]

Muslim, Christian clergy condemn terrorism

13 Sep Muslim, Christian clergy condemn terrorism Ehssan VeiszadehSeptember 11, 2014, 7:16 pm Senior Muslim and Christian leaders have condemned the sectarian bloodshed in the Middle East and vowed to uphold Australia’s security. Grand Mufti Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, head of the Chaldean Catholic community Archbishop Gabriel Kassab and six other religious leaders released a joint […]

Plenty of smoke but little fire in Tony Abbott’s concerns over Muslim radicals

2 Sep Published in The Age, 2 September 2014 The Islamic State is emerging as a political movement.   The Prime Minister should be a beacon leading us out of the terrorism smoke, not fanning the flames. Mr Abbott’s announcement that $13.4 million will be earmarked to “support community efforts to prevent young Australians being radicalised” is […]

Rabbi or imam, a threat is still a threat

20 Feb The Advertiser 20 February 2014 “BY the power of our Holy Torah, we admonish you to cease immediately all efforts to achieve these disastrous agreements, in order to avoid severe heavenly punishment for everyone involved.” In an open letter to US Secretary of State John Kerry, this wrath formed part of a recent […]

Christmas is the critical time to reach out to lonely hearts, especially those close to home

20 Feb Christmas is the critical time to reach out to lonely hearts, especially those close to home The Advertiser, 24 December 2013 The countdown to Christmas is a critical time to reach out to the lonely hearts, especially those close to home. Source: Supplied As the twinkling gaze of children turns to the North […]

Beware Australia’s real ‘illegals’

8 Nov The Advertiser, 8 November 2013 PICTURE this scenario at an Australian international airport arrivals terminal: “ Excuse me, sir. We are the Federal Police. You are under arrest.” “Are you serious? What for?” “Participating in illegal military activities while in Syria.” “I was on a humanitarian mission!” “You will need to prove it.” But […]

Are Christian Arabs an endangered species?

22 Oct National Times, 22 October 2013 Are Christian Arabs an endangered species? From the onset of the Arab Spring in Syria, I was advocating a third way: unarmed dialogue, rather than the status quo advocated by the pro-Assad rallies or the forced regime change advocated by the armed rebels. The more I listened to stories […]

Give up something meaningful for Lent

8 Oct

Published in Sunday Age, 10 March 2013 Fast and loose – give up something meaningful for Lent ”WHAT I have given up for Lent” has become a fashion statement in some social circles. The announcement has been trumpeted so loudly, it may as well be tattooed on foreheads with pride in place of the […]