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TV Interview – Good Morning NZ

9 Oct

TV Interview in Auckland, on ‘Good Morning’ program 29 September 2015    

On Sunrise: ‘What my daughters taught me’

9 Sep Sunrise, 11 August 2015

War. What (or who) is it good for?

24 Oct October 2014 WAR. WHAT (OR WHO) IS IT GOOD FOR? October 24, 2014 The catchcry of the 1970 protest anthem is that war is good for absolutely nothing “’cause it means destruction of innocent lives … [and] tears to thousands of mothers’ eyes.” This may have been the answer by popular culture during the […]

What my daughters taught me

24 Oct 14th October 2014   WHAT MY DAUGHTERS TAUGHT ME By Joseph Wakim Daily Dilemma, Must see, Wellbeing October 14, 2014 71 36 4 “A widowed father with three daughters? Bet they pamper you!” I roll my eyes as these common comments roll out the assumptions: they must cook and clean for you, especially […]

Daily Dilemma: What can the KKK teach us about ISIS?

2 Sep TV appearance on Channel 10, 2 September 2014, as writer on The Hoopla  

Fighting Home Grown terrorism

29 Aug

ABC News Radio interview regarding the announcement by the PM on funding  security agencies and community groups to “fight home grown terrorism” 26 August 2014  

Once upon a time in Punchbowl

29 Aug

Appearance on SBS TV 4-part series, Once Upon a Time in Punchbowl

Memoirs of a leading Lebanese Australian, ABC Radio National

29 Aug ABC Radio National Religion and Ethics Report The memoirs of a leading Lebanese Australian Broadcast: Wednesday 4 December 2013 5:50PM Don’t call us Arabs! It’s a line that Joseph Wakim has heard often from his fellow Lebanese Australians. Now Wakim, one of the founders of the Australian Arabic Council, and a former Victorian […]

Courageous Story Telling, ABC Radio National

29 Aug 26 November 2011 ABC Radio National The Drawing Room Courageous story telling Broadcast: Tuesday 26 November 2013 7:40PM Joseph Wakim and John Safran are two authors who aren’t afraid of going out on a limb. Joseph became a voice for Australia’s middle eastern community at a time when anti-Islam sentiment was at fever […]

Radio 2 GB panel on Gaza

29 Aug!/au/content/podcast/2997683-2gb-ben-fordham-highlights Monday 28 July, Radio 2GB Forum On The Gaza Conflict Confused about what’s happening in Gaza? Ben Fordham seeks a bit of clarity by talking to representatives from both sides of the conflict. Ben Fordham chats to Jeremy Jones, from the Australian/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council and Joseph Wakim, founder of the Australian Arabic […]