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The Shadow of 9/11 Falls On Syria

11 Sep Published on New Matilda, 11 Sept 2013 “We are in a fight for our principles, and our first responsibility is to live by them … may God grant us wisdom.” With this prayer, US President George W. Bush vowed revenge [6] against Al Qaeda soon after the World Trade Centre attacks of 11 September […]

Give up something meaningful for Lent

11 Mar–give-up-something-meaningful-for-lent-20130311-2fvm8.html?skin=text-only Fast and loose – give up something meaningful for Lent Published in Sunday Age, 10 March 2013 ”WHAT I have given up for Lent” has become a fashion statement in some social circles. The announcement has been trumpeted so loudly, it may as well be tattooed on foreheads with pride in place of […]

The Pope is not a CEO

15 Feb The Pope Is Not A CEO The Pope’s retirement, which in secular logic might look like a CEO stepping down, is a wise decision in the tradition of Saint Peter himself, argues Maronite Catholic Joseph Wakim Joseph Ratzinger has been hailed for his humility in reminding us all of his human frailty. But his […]

Job applicants without correct creed don’t have a prayer

6 Feb

Job applicants without correct creed don’t have a prayer Published: February 2, Canberra Times This story was found at: It is ironic that our moral pillars are defending their right to lawful discrimination, when they should ostensibly be crusading against this. Church-based groups insist that while they are not above the law, their fundamental […]

Obligation to respect not share our faiths

27 Dec Obligation to respect, not share, our faiths Date: December 28 2012 Each Christmas, my family receives more greetings and gifts from my Muslim friends than from fellow Christians. We treasure many handmade cards by Muslim children who do not celebrate Christmas. We cannot trivialise these efforts as tokenistic as they are annual and original. […]

Render unto Caesar: Israel and the Catholic Church must have their day in court

17 Dec Render unto Caesar: Israel and the Catholic Church must have their day in court Joseph Wakim ABC Religion and Ethics 17 Dec 2012 The public faces of Israel and the Catholic Church in Australia, Pell and Netanyahu, need not to fear the criminal courts. It may earn them greater respect, to replace the suspicion […]

Clerical Error: Look East for reason why celibacy vow should be axed

15 Nov Published: November 15, 2012 The royal commission into ”institutional responses to child abuse” will not have the authority to review one vexed issue: the mandatory vow of clergy celibacy. While we should be careful not to confuse correlation with causation, one compelling question cannot be avoided – why do Eastern Catholics and other […]

Treasure the moments you capture

18 Jan

TREASURE THE MOMENTS YOU CAPTURE Brisbane Courier Mail 17 January 2012 Has the rise of the digital age seen the fall of the printed photo? We can now snap away with our mobile phones, save on virtual photo albums, upload to Facebook, share instantly and globally, zoom and crop, even Photoshop. The digital revolution has […]

Finding peace amid sensory overload

2 Jan The Advertiser December 20, 2011 My induction as a Twitterer evoked religious parallels. We become followers of those seeking to maximise their following, and their tweets follow us. MULTI-TASKING is no longer the dominion of one gender or one generation. Like many screen-agers, my children boast about this “multi-tasking”, juggling multiple screens. They can […]

A little extra Christmas care

2 Jan A little extra Christmas care Joseph Wakim and Judy Saba As families congregate around carols and trees, and the aerial view of society resembles many rotating wheels, those who have fallen off the wheels become the loneliest dots. Thankfully, there are many benevolent services for homeless people. I sang carols for a Christmas lunch […]