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Islamic State is a creation like Frankenstein’s monster

23 Sep   Islamic State is a creation like Frankenstein’s monster Joseph Wakim Sydney Morning Herald, 23 September 2014   “We’ve seen this before. Extremists, foreign fighters returning home, responsible for terrorist attacks in our region.” Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop issued this warning to the United Nations Security Council last Friday regarding the threat […]

Plenty of smoke but little fire in Tony Abbott’s concerns over Muslim radicals

2 Sep Published in The Age, 2 September 2014 The Islamic State is emerging as a political movement.   The Prime Minister should be a beacon leading us out of the terrorism smoke, not fanning the flames. Mr Abbott’s announcement that $13.4 million will be earmarked to “support community efforts to prevent young Australians being radicalised” is […]

ISIS: Lessons from the KKK

2 Sep ISIS: LESSONS FROM THE KKK Published in The Hoopla, September 2, 2014 Multiple choice question: Was it ISIS, KKK or Al Qaeda that was described as a “terrorist organisation, which in its endeavours to intimidate, or even eliminate those it dislikes, using the most brutal of methods”? This is how US Supreme Court […]

Daily Dilemma: What can the KKK teach us about ISIS?

2 Sep TV appearance on Channel 10, 2 September 2014, as writer on The Hoopla  

Radio 2 GB panel on Gaza

29 Aug!/au/content/podcast/2997683-2gb-ben-fordham-highlights Monday 28 July, Radio 2GB Forum On The Gaza Conflict Confused about what’s happening in Gaza? Ben Fordham seeks a bit of clarity by talking to representatives from both sides of the conflict. Ben Fordham chats to Jeremy Jones, from the Australian/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council and Joseph Wakim, founder of the Australian Arabic […]

Guess who’s not coming to dinner

12 Aug

To break bread or to boycott: that’s Muslim Australia’s choice Refusing to eat with someone is a gesture indicating they’ve dishonoured you. That’s why Muslim leaders are boycotting high profile events in an attempt to be heard The, Tuesday 12 August 2014 In recent weeks, three high-profile boycotts have been launched by Australia’s Muslim […]

Hatred can begin at home

12 Aug Adelaide Advertiser Racial hatred laws and foreign fighter laws may seem disconnected, but Tony Abbott is right to link them: Joseph Wakim August 12, 2014 RACIAL hatred laws and foreign fighter laws may appear disconnected. Hence, Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s dual announcements to retain the former while toughening the latter were met with much […]

The most fearful weapon in Israel’s assault: dehumanisation

12 Aug The most fearful weapon in Israel’s assault: dehumanisation Canberra Times August 7, 2014 A Palestinian man at a funeral carries the body of a girl whom medics said was killed by an Israeli air strike. Photo: Reuters If we were witnessing a kangaroo cull through aerial bombardment, there would be moral outrage. If we […]

Stop oiling the supply chain to ISIS

12 Aug As long as the US protects its Saudi oil supplies, the vital supply chain to ISIS and their ilk will continue to be oiled The Advertiser 18 July 2014 “THE tyrant has fallen and Iraq is free,” trumpeted US President George W. Bush aboard aircraft carrier USS Lincoln on 2 May 2003. “al-Qaeda is […]

After his Gaza comments, Vic Alhadeff should step down

12 Aug After his Gaza comments, Vic Alhadeff should step down Comments by the chair of the NSW community relations commission have inflamed tensions between Arab and Jewish Australians at a sensitive time The Guardian, 14 July 2014 When former NSW premier Barry O’Farrell appointed the incumbent CEO of the NSW Jewish board of deputies, Vic […]