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Australia must find balance on Palestinians

20 Feb Australia must find balance on Palestinians Herald Sun 9 January 2014 THE world body that created the state of Israel in 1947 has proclaimed 2014 the International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. Yet Australia was one of the seven opponents of the UN General Assembly vote on November 26, alongside Israel […]

Beware Australia’s real ‘illegals’

8 Nov The Advertiser, 8 November 2013 PICTURE this scenario at an Australian international airport arrivals terminal: “ Excuse me, sir. We are the Federal Police. You are under arrest.” “Are you serious? What for?” “Participating in illegal military activities while in Syria.” “I was on a humanitarian mission!” “You will need to prove it.” But […]

Are Christian Arabs an endangered species?

22 Oct National Times, 22 October 2013 Are Christian Arabs an endangered species? From the onset of the Arab Spring in Syria, I was advocating a third way: unarmed dialogue, rather than the status quo advocated by the pro-Assad rallies or the forced regime change advocated by the armed rebels. The more I listened to stories […]

Hard questions need to be asked in Syria

8 Oct Hard Questions Must Be Asked In Syria New Matilda, 8 August 2013 Joseph Wakim Who committed the Syrian gas attack? Unless the UN can do its work, we’ll never know. To condemn the regime without evidence is to risk repeating the mistakes made in Iraq, writes Joseph Wakim One glaring question has been avoided […]

Don’t turn your back on refugees

30 Aug Don’t turn your back on refugees Herald Sun 18 July 2013 “AUSTRALIANS are essentially a warm-hearted, kind people who want to have the continuation of an orderly migration system.” Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s recent attempt to focus these two lenses of the Australian binoculars on boat people was missing the third lens: a global […]

US should leave Syria decision to UN

30 Aug US should leave Syria decision to UN 30 August 2013 Herald Sun THE narrative is etched: despotic dictator poisons his own people under the nose of the UN weapons inspectors. This is credible if one inhales all the pollen from the Arab Spring stereotypes of mad men crushing their people who crave to be […]

Christian Minorities an endangered species

12 Jul 9 July 2013 ABC The Drum CHRISTIAN MINORITIES AN ENDANGERED SPECIES Emerging democracies in the ‘Arab Spring’ may have claimed an innocent casualty: Christian minorities. If the crudest consequence of elections is ‘majority rules’, then minorities need protection. Westerners who laud the ‘Arab Spring’ cannot have it both ways, waving the carrot of democracy […]

Doubts raised over legitimacy of who speaks for Syrians

16 May Doubts raised over legitimacy of who speaks for Syrians The Courier-Mail May 17, 201312:00AM A LOADED word that overarches the international war of weapons and war of words over Syria is “legitimacy”. Like “terrorist”, the word is a weapon and the definition is always relative to the user. The Syrian National Council had […]

Prisoner X exposes double standards

11 Mar ON LINE opinion – Australia’s e-journal of social and political debate Posted Wednesday, 20 February 2013 Prisoner X exposes double standards Imagine if Prisoner X was an Australian dual citizen who was recruited and incarcerated by the Syrian Mukhabarat rather than the Israeli Mossad. Would our Zionist leaders remain silent as they are now, […]

Israel’s Level Playing Field

21 Nov There is a four letter word that blinds us every time we try to make sense of the Israeli-Palestinian reality on the ground. The word is as loaded as a suicide bomber or a cluster bomb: “side”. We hear it when our media interviewers endeavour to avoid bias and show balance: “So to be […]